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Garden Talk Crispy & Berry Sauce

Crispy Khao Tang with Flowers and Homemade Thai style Look Mon Sauce


Triple Senses of Deep Blue Marine

Chewy Sticky Rice Flour and Butterfly Pea Flower filling with Traditional Thai Fermented Fish and SeasoningCoconut topped with Black & White Sesame and Aroma Fermented Fish Oil

Osha Ocean & Flora Salad

Marinated Hokkaido Scallops with Mixed Flowers Salad and Spicy Gac Sauce


Red Velvet Spell over Charming Fish

Blanched Gray Pomfret Fish in Thai style Soup dipped with Red Ginger Flowerand Chili Paste served with Petal of the Lotus Blossom

Rock Lobster and Amber Curry Sauce

Steamed Rock Lobster with Homemade Style Curry Sauce Celery Caviar

Pure Botanic Sweet Kiss

Pandanus Sago, Mango Mousse and Coconut Milk with Butterfly PeaFlower



Price 2,200 Baht